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Natural Science

5640 Biology 1 and 2 (1/2 unit each)

This survey course involves the study of living things. The processes and methods of science are emphasized with laboratory work. Topics include characteristics of life, cell structure and function, genetics and cell division, plant and animal structure and function, ecological relationships.

5671 Physical Science 1 (1/2 unit each

This course is designed to develop an understanding of the processes and methods of science with an emphasis on laoratory work covering the concepts related to matter and energy basic to Chemistry.

5577 Earth Space Science I and 2 (1/2 unit each)
(Prerequisite: General science or biology)

This course is a survey course involving the study of geology, meteorology, astronomy, and oceanography. The process and methods of science are emphasized with laboratory work involving the use of scientific methods to solve problems and answer questions. The development of the Earth and it's life, as recorded in the rocks and minerals, is a prime importance. Special emphasis is given to the geology of Kansas. This course is designed for students wanting to expand their scientific areas of interest.

Environmental Science 1 and 2 (1/2 unit)

This course provides real world context for linking the classroom to the needs of the community - drinking water quality, indoor and outdoor air quality, and maintaining the responsibility that mankind has to the Earth. State and city agencies work with students to provide activities, labs, field trips, guest speakers, and web-based instruction.





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