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5110 Algebra: Semesters 1 and 2 (1/2 unit each)

This is a first year Algebra course. Topics include variable representation, properties of equations and inequalities, and graphical and statistical representation. This course is a foundation for all other math courses and a requirement for all college bound students.

5130 Algebra II 1 and 2 (1/2 unit each)

This course focuses on algebraic expressions, especially linear and quadratic forms, powers and roots, and functions. Other topics include logarithmic, polynomial, and other special functions as tools for modeling real-world situations.

5125 Geometry I and II (1/2 unit each)

This course is a study of geometric concepts and their applications. Topics include coordinate geometry, transformations, measurement formulas, and an introduction to geometric proofs using lines, triangles, polygons, and circles.

5140 Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry 1(1/2 unit)

This course integrates the study of functions and trigonometry with statistics and data analysis. Statistical concepts are integrated with graphical and algebraic concepts through the construction of mathematical models such as graphs and equations. Generating models of linear, quadratic, higher-order polynomial, exponential, logarthimic, and trigonometric functions is facilitated by the use of technology. A graphing calculator is recommended.






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